At PHYSEE, we believe in people. Without a determined and enthusiastic team of PHYSEEonairs, our mission would just be a dream. Together, we are unleashing the full potential of clean building facades.


We envision a future of energy neutral buildings where user’s comfort and productivity levels are increased. Therefore, we are balancing out the energy demand by producing and consuming electricity locally, providing tomorrow’s buildings with the SmartSkin they deserve.

At PHYSEE, we cherish our diverse and inclusive company culture. With currently 10 different nationalities onboard, we value every added perspective as we feel it is our responsibility to change the world’s perspective of a sustainable future.

If you are as inspired as we are on changing tomorrow’s buildings, join us on our mission. We are stronger together!



Ana Jung

Head of Research

From living in the world of chemistry, Ana is taking over a physicist mission with her charm and thirst for excellence. She leads the Research department and works with external partners ranging from research to production to validation. It is a rarity to encounter Ana without the company of her smile. As some would say “happy wife, happy life”, here in PHYSEE we always believe in “happy Ana, happy life!”.



Arjen Jellema

Embedded Hardware Engineer

He is the mastermind behind the SMART sensor on our SmartWindows, adding a vital component to our products and to our team! From speed cycling to cooking and gardening, Arjen is always up for an adventurous challenge and is making his mark by bringing creative thinking to the Development team each day. As one of our latest talent additions, we are thrilled to have in the PHamily and are excited to see where he will take the SmartWindow!



Bart Kroes

Head of Projects

Earning his stripes as a Sr. Engineer at an oil company, Bart recently made the moral pivot into the renewable industry. PHYSEE is very proud to have acquired this talent and will benefit greatly from his experience. Like a drone in the sky, Bart will oversee all projects and the processes on quality and efficiency. He is determined to reinvent the way the industry operates and make PHYSEE a renowned player in the game.



Barth de Klerk

Senior Business Developer

As our latest addition to the commercial team, Barth, brings an extensive track record in both general management and business consultancy to PHYSEE’s scaling up. Other than spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors, Barth has worked at small and large companies all around the world and focuses on ethical business. He’s a man with a purpose: make the world a better place to live in. We’re excited to be part of his new adventure!



Camilla Massacesi

Lead Innovation Engineer

About half of the incoming solar energy reaches the Earth’s surface, yet we are lacking tools to fully functionalise it. Camilla believes in increasing those tools. Much like the solar panels that we use to collect sunlight, she helps PHYSEE access all the potential solar energy and convert our product into a fully functional one. Behind this capable solar engineer, hides the (arguably even better) cook who brings true Italian love to PHYSEE.



Ferdinand Grapperhaus

Co-founder and CEO

Joking aside, Ferdinand always motivates and leads the PHYSEEonairs with his charisma and insightful guidance. As a co-founder of PHYSEE, he possesses leadership qualities that inspires everyone in- and outside the office. Ferdinand did not only bring professionalism and structured execution to PHYSEE, he also played a vital role in creating a family at work.



Fréderique Pars

Head of HR

Every team needs the glue that sticks them together. Fréderique is just that, she leads the HR activities with compassion and enthusiasm for our combined success and personal growth. She challenges and motivates us to be the best PHYSEEonaires we can, and knows who we need next, to help achieve the future we envision.



Giulio Simone

R&D Engineer

As our second Italian PHYSEEonair, we are pleased that Giulio brings with him the Italian extrovert personality and a passion for pasta. He is a sputter engineer at PHYSEE and is on a mission to optimize the performance of luminescent coatings. This is the first step in his personal vision, which is working on novel technologies that mitigate climate change. We’re happy to have his energy in the room and are excited to see the positive impact he will continue to make.



Grace Copplestone

Supply Chain Manager

She completes the production team at PHYSEE with her positive energy, constant curiosity and the skill to challenge those around her. Like the mountains she conquers on her bike, she sees every challenge as a milestone to overcome, allowing the winding journey to be daring and eventful. There ain’t no mountain high enough!



Heidi Mao

Fullstack Developer

Bringing back-end solutions to life, with a PHYSEE PHace. By designing and building the EESYapp for our users, Heidi develops insights in customer interaction with our product. Her methodical yet creative design mindset allows her to see beneath the surface of data and create a meaningful user experience. Her interest in people interaction continues to make her an engineer who doesn’t only help develop software, but also the skills of those around her.



Joe Kao

Lead Research Engineer

With an constant refreshing perspective from material research in the lab to strategic and creative brainstorming at events, to scoring 3-pointers on the court, his broad skillset coexists with a unique drive, making him the triple threat we are proud to have on our team. His analytic mind and honesty already lead PHYSEE to inventive solutions and have no limit. Taiwanese food is his favorite and basketball his game.



Joep Wolfhagen

Legal Counsel and Business Developer

When it comes to jurisdictional endeavours ‘who you gonna call’? Our one-man legal team has a Joep, whose bachelor’s degree in law, a master’s degree in intellectual property and 5-year experience in a major law firm is of unprecedented value. Mediating is embedded into Joep’s DNA not only acts as the rocket fuel propelling PHYSEE and himself forward but also makes him an amazing colleague to work with.



Joseph Hesketh

Production Engineer

The PHamily’s latest addition as the Product Engineer goes by the name of Joseph. Joseph’s warm and seamlessly calm state of mind is what you see but his ferocious drive and perseverance for perfection underneath the surface is what you get. The combination of this personality makes him an amazingly enjoyable person whilst still pioneering the field of Production engineering. Joseph is fantastically rising to the challenge of mass-production and maintaining the ever-growing list of stakeholder relationships. We’re happy to have welcomed yet another Brit to our team!



Koen Haest

Product Engineer

From shredding the mountains on a snowboard to shredding creativity for product innovation at PHYSEE, Koen has a versatile and robust skillset. Accessorised with diverse thoughts and direct action, he is a valuable asset to our team in many ways. Having him on board as our new product engineer, we are more than excited to see where his contribution takes our future SmartSkin!



Lisette van der Knaap

Office Manager

We have had the pleasure of welcoming Lisette to the PHamily! Lisette will be strengthening the PHYSEE team with her incredible versatility. Her rich history of coordinating people, teams, and programs has enabled her to become highly accessible, develop stellar organizational skills, and always gain meaningful relationships will her peers. We look forward to seeing how she will add her spark to the office!



Maarten Ingen Housz

Sales Developer

The voice of an angel” is just one of Maarten’s many traits. He describes himself as an outdoor man, always seeking the next adventure, regardless if it’s music, sports or languages. The Business team is thrilled to have another person on board increasing our impact, working on continuous growth within the European real estate industry. (If you need a Swedish translation, he’s your guy!)



Maike Schwarz


Already as an intern, Maike brought to the office a great passion for the position of a marketeer. Her presence always lights up the surroundings and motivates those around her. She tackles issues head-front with strong determination and a big smile. Next to her impressive taste for marketing is her everlasting energy and enthusiasm.



Manon Duijn

Product Engineer

Although Manon comes from The Netherlands, she has an appetite for Mediterranean cuisine and often spends her free time working on new recipes (next big challenge: baking sourdough bread!). At PHYSEE, she will be focusing on designing and engineering our products such as the EESYbox. When she can’t be reached at the office, Manon is probably enjoying nature, where she likes to recharge her energy!



Nico Pulskens

Sales Developer

As a seasoned sailor in the window industry, Nico brought with him his experience and expertise to help PHYSEE grow into an internationally recognized company. Never is Nico short of his smile and passion for people, doing much more for PHYSEE than sales. With his entrepreneur mindset and established skillset, Nico is showing the real estate industry a new sea to sail.



Noortje Jonkman

PA to CEO and CFO

Continuous growth is a trait that lies within Noortje’s DNA. Due to her warmhearted and approachable character in combination with her unique history at PHYSEE, she has evolved to be the Mother Teresa you want by your side- which the founding duo of PHYSEE spotted early on. Her grit, dedication, and organizational skills have allowed her to take up the challenge of being exactly that for our CEO and CFO’s: their Personal Assistant. As the right hand of PHYSEE’s two captains, we’re excited to see where she steers them next!



Pim Rutgers

Head of Development

Much like a magician, Pim changes how the world views windows. From POWER to SMART, Pim changed the windows of PHYSEE and the role they will play in the future of real estate. He leads the department that combines power and data, bringing us one step closer to the future of facades. Pim puts magic into the programs and devices that talk to our clients, always ensuring the best experience a user can have.



Rene van den Bulk

Project Engineer

Rene, or also known as “woodleg” (ask him to find out why), is in our Projects department and an expert in building-engineering of utility-construction in facades. He is described as a loyal, family-focused go-getter who loves nature, and aims to persevere after any setbacks in his way. He likes to say everything has a reason, which must also be why he has chosen to be a PHYSEEonair, and vice-versa!



Sadiq van Overbeek

Lead Research Engineer & Product Owner of PAR+

Among all the PHYSEEonairs, here comes the wisest of them all. While some people see it in his elegance, some see it in his experience as he once opened a company of his own, refereed in international sporting events, and drove a sturdy vintage car. His wisdom also helps him usher in many sputtering research achievements that are praised by the industry.



Sam Anders

COO and part of the founding team

Inside PHYSEE, there’s a tale of the two-headed Sam. As part of the founding team, he has lead two departments to scaled-up success: Project, and Design & Engineering. Now he remains Head of Production and will convert a 3000sqm warehouse into a high-tech manufacturing facility with his team. The tale also tells that he delivers top-notch products to all of our clients, and even once to an ex-president of the U.S..



Solco Reijnders

Project Manager

Solco is building on his degrees in mechanical- and offshore engineering to streamline the realization of every project going through our pipeline. With a rich history in improvisation theater, he is capable of tackling every unforeseen hurdle every project inevitably has in store.



Stijn van den Berg

Junior Project Manager

Daring and limitless, Stijn has a passion for peanut butter, philosophy, outdoor adventure and building technology. Described as a “technical creative” by his peers, Stijn is on the Projects department as Junior Project Manager and will be helping PHYSEE seamlessly install our smart technology into buildings with the highest quality. PS: he can be your travel-guide to South Africa, Nepal, Mexico, and many more places…



Willem Kesteloo

Co-founder, CFO and interim CTO

Behind every PHYSEEonair is the inspiring Willem. As a man of iron and a co-founder of PHYSEE, he constantly motivates PHYSEEonairs to achieve their highest potential. Other than his positive mindset, Willem is also a practitioner and the embodiment of ‘Kill mediocrity”. When anyone thinks of the future of PHYSEE, it’s Willem in the forefront leading the change with determination and guidance.