SmartSkin is brought to life by different concepts that shape our solution. Welcome to POWER, SMART, EESY and SKIN.


PowerWindow: Generates sustainable energy using otherwise reflected sunlight

PowerWindows are patented and transparent double- or triple-paned windows that convert sunlight into green electricity. This source of POWER is our innovation without compromise enabling you to be in direct contact with sustainable energy at home, work or on the go.

We have integrated high-efficiency Metal Wrap Through mono c-Si solar cells in window-spacer.
Power Optimization
Our internal maximum powerpoint trackers create a worldwide unmatched efficiency.
We customized solar mounts in between the glass with ideal orientation, without alterations on transparency, g-value, design or installation.


SmartWindow: Optimizes climate control for each room locally

Alongside solar cells, we also integrated SMART into our window-spacers. This is a PowerWindow with the additional functionalities of integrated smart sensors that measure light intensity, temperature, pressure and air quality. Through our intelligent software, it’s continuously learning in order to adapt to new technologies. This plug & play stand-alone system is the backbone of your SmartSkin facade and provides tailored climate conditions to enhance your well-being.

Smart sensors are integrated in the window-spacer and collect internal and external environment data.
We have built various ways of communication, both over powerline and wireless options.
Project specific we build a data platform that gives users and owners access to more information.


EESY: Energy + data storage and communication

EESY is the combination of local power storage, connectivity to our servers, big data and connection to control systems. This is the brain of your system, where the data from SMART is interpreted, analysed and communicated to devices that control the condition of your room. EESY learns from user actions, adapting the room settings to desired comfort levels. All of your windows are connected to EESY and work autonomously for your well-being and comfort.

We enable you to save your energy on LiFePO4 batteries that will help you in creating an efficient DC Grid.
Nano Grid
Our system provides your facade with a low voltage DC nano-grid that serves green energy to other consumers, ie. motorised blinds, LED lights and ventilation.
The EESY system can, project depended, be connected to different Building (Climate) Management Systems.


SKIN: All the add-ons that finalise your building facade

SKIN is where our technology meets existing 3rd party technologies. Using our sustainable power and smart data generated inside windows, we operate multiple 3rd party facade applications and are always open for new suggestions

Light, Air and Temperature
We offer SmartSkin combinations with integrated sun-blinds, dynamic shading glass units, ventilation systems and thermostat devices of different partner suppliers.
Insulation and Transparency
Our technology can be applied in double or triple paned windows (HR++ or HR+++) and has no active effect on G, U or Z values.
We are able to expand beyond the glass fa├žade and connect our SmartSkin to solar on the roof and geothermal storage in the basement, ask our specialists for more details.

Our SmartSkin can save your building energy costs. Conduct the PHYSEEBility Check intake to find out what your building is missing.