Our internal research and external development can be differentiated in two parts. One is the chemical development of the specialized materials we make use of in our coatings and alternative type of layers or substrates. The internal part of this research takes place in our collaborative lab with the Delft University of Technology. The other part of our development is related to electrical integration and needs both a workshop to develop new concepts as a testing platform to analyse results and progress. The internal part of this development takes place at our Living Lab.

Research Lab

Globally recognized research facilities and partners

Our internal research is carried out in a collaboration with the Delft University of Technology, at the Reactor Institute Delft (RID), where we perform different deposition techniques to apply our coatings. PHYSEE has been working closely with the Luminescent Materials for Sustainable Energy Group of Dr. Erik van der Kolk, intensifying the focus on optimizing our patents, accelerating scientific progress and evolving our coatings. Externally we collaborate our research efforts with other partners, who likewise have high expectations of reduced energy consumption levels in today’s buildings. In the field of magnetron sputtering, we collaborate with Fraunhofer FEP and NSG Pilkington. We incorporate our luminescent materials in a lamination process with different industrial partners and we are exploring alternative wet-coating techniques with non-disclosed institutes. Up till this day PHYSEE has been able to financially contribute to different research projects, enabling multiple postdocs, PhD’s and graduates to execute their research and has connected more than 30 companies from over ten countries through its applied research.  

Living Lab

Real-time installation. Real-time iterations. Real-time results.

What is truly unique at PHYSEE is the speed at which innovation occurs. Creative ideas are fostered on a daily basis with often the result, that rapidly, those ideas are engineered into a mockup and tested in our very own LivingLab. This quick “idea to execution” procedure has enabled the rapid development and continuous optimization of everything from window assembly & manufacturing, to installation and user experience. Never before have windows been assembled and tested so fast, with quick and reliable first-hand feedback rounds of end-users being our ambassadors. By making this the new standard, we are not only changing the perspective on how windows are used in buildings, but also how quickly inventions can be integrated in industry-wide sustainable advancements.

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