At PHYSEE we cherish our diverse and inclusive company culture. We are always looking for not the perfect fit, but the perfect add to our team. With currently 8 different nationalities we value every perspective, as we feel it is our responsibility to change the world’s perspective of a sustainable future…

Sales Developer full time

Due to a rapidly increasing amount of requests from potential customers, we are looking for someone who can strengthen our team in terms of tendering, sales and marketing. Ideally, someone who has an established network in Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investment companies. We need someone who’s technically able to take ownership of our sales process, for example who knows how to read construction drawings and who can assist in making solar cell performance calculations. This helps us to change the perspective of our clients, and ultimately this helps us to expand our company internationally.

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Embedded Engineer Full time - Delft

As we are growing rapidly, so is the demand for our data generating SmartSkin products. We are looking for an embedded engineer that can develop and manage our hardware tracks and simultaneously can be the architect for our back-end system.

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MPPT Developer Thesis Student

We are looking for a MSc student who can help us with developing electronic components which are integrated in our photovoltaic modules. Specifically with the aim of optimising power production and monitoring the performances as function of external environmental conditions. You will be given the opportunity to conceptualise, design, develop, test and take the product all the way up-to-prototyping/production. Sounds exciting? Then please read below job mission and reach out to us!

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Luminescent Coating Researcher Thesis Student

Fascinated about applying your scientific knowledge to real-life innovative products? Within PHYSEE’s research department we develop luminescent coatings for the next generation & more powerful PowerWindow+. By applying our patented coating on glass, sunlight is absorbed and subsequently re-emitted towards the edges of the window where it is converted into electricity by PV-cells. During this thesis you will be a researcher at the forefront of sustainable innovation. You will be working with a lab-scale industrial coating technique - magnetron sputtering, and conducting research in TU Delft’s advanced luminescence labs.

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