Have a look at which conferences and events we will be attending and come and say hi if you are around!

Re-think Circular Economy Forum I Milan 2020

28th October

CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus will be giving a keynote speech titled "Biomimetic AI to re-design buildings". Register for free to find out how we use existing data, for example- human comfort and weather predictions, to create room-specific comfort algorithms and reduced energy usage in buildings.

Past events

EG Tech Awards

10th September

We have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Innovation Award this year. This award is for a company or building which has delivered a truly innovative outcome, specifically focusing on a different business model and/or way of thinking. Companies will be analyzed on creativity and originality as the most important consideration. Register for free here to watch the award ceremony unfold.

Global PropTech: Smart & Healthy Buildings

8th September

During Global PropTech Online #7 about 'Smart & Healthy Buildings' and 'Finance & Invest' on 8th September, our co-founder and CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus will give an online keynote at 13:30 - 14:00 Central European Time. This talk will challenge you first as an individual. Do you have an innovative mindset or are you trapped inside your box? Next, the talk will challenge you to think of your environment. Does it facilitate creativity, feedback and diversity? Last, some tangible tools will be shared how to become more innovative yourself and how to foster innovation in one’s organization. Sign up to live-view Ferdinand's keynote here.

GEVEL 2020

28th - 30th January

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Facades, facades, and more facades! This will be the theme of this 3-day event in Ahoy, Rotterdam. GEVEL 2020 will offer a wide and high-quality range of products, materials, systems, and innovative experiments in order to build the bridge between knowledge and practice. Our Head of Sales, Nico Pulskens will attend this event to indulge in conversation with architects, consultants, and builders and many more industry stakeholders to share insights on activating this otherwise dormant building structure.


15th - 17th January

Ghent, Belgium
We are going to kick off the decade by attending this trade fair showcasing a variety of doors, windows, sun shading and access technology. Only at POLYCLOSE, will you find a mammoth overview of all moving elements in and on a facade. Solco Reijnders from our Projects team will be joining Kawneers and Pilkington during this event to share insights and learn about the newest smart facade applications. Check-in with Solco and let's innovate without compromise!

Booosting Symposium on Smart-Facades

10th December

We will be hosting a Booosting symposium at our HQ where smart-facades will be the main theme. Booosting provides a platform on which innovations and improvements in construction can thrive. Since 1988 this platform has allowed like-minded parties to come together and substantially speed up the adoption process of these innovations throughout the entire real estate industry. We look forward to welcoming The TUDelft, DGMR, Octatube, and AGC, to name a few, on the 10th of December for a fantastic event!

ZEN Platform Conference

19th November

Buitenplaats Sparrendaal, Driebergen

Our co-founder and CEO, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, will be taking the stage at a ZEN platform conference in Driebergen on the 19th of November. The three BENG-requirements and a limit value of overheating have been set in stone and will, therefore, be the theme of this event. At 14:20, Ferdinand will be answering questions from the audience about his experience in driving change within the sustainable real estate sector. Join him in the '1st story Blue Room' to get a glimpse of the hardships in steering such a transition. See you there!


14th November

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
On the 14th of November, three members of our Research team will be heading to the Eindhoven University of Technology to join a workshop on Luminescent Solar Concentrator Photovoltaics, held by PEARL PV and COST Action. The aim of PEARL PV is to lower the costs of electricity produced by PV systems through higher energy yield, a longer product lifetime and a reduction in the perceived risk of investments in PV projects. Combining expertise from different fields of research, we are confident that we can enable disruption. Let’s start enlivening the debate, fostering new collaborations and tackling industry barriers! #InnovationWithoutCompromise #InnovationWithoutBarriers

Sustainable Schools Seminar

14th November

Utrecht, The Netherlands

To this day, the indoor climate in most schools is having a negative impact on the comfort and productivity of students. In the Netherlands alone, 80% of the education-focused real estate needs a complete makeover and renovation, partly because they have far too high Co2 levels. For this reason, our Head of Business, Maarten de Haas is attending a seminar at the Basecamp in Utrecht, focusing on enhancing sustainability in school buildings. We are looking forward to investigating how our technology could improve the ecosystems of current and new schools.

Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event 2019

8th October

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Let’s get technical! The mastermind behind the Smartness of our SmartWindows, Arjen Jellema, is heading to Eindhoven to be apart of the Design Automation & Embedded Systems 2019 Event! This event is a garden of Eden for developers and applicants of embedded systems. Here they take note of the latest technologies and exchange views and experiences with colleagues. Everyone’s undivided attention is paid to specific topics; FPGA, Security, Internet of Things, Electronic Design & Production and Embedded.


7th - 9th October

Munich, Germany
We are back at Europe's largest real estate and investment trade fair. PHYSEE is excited to attend the 2019 event and gather more knowledge on the innovation within the German real estate sector. With keynote speakers, exhibitions and more, EXPO REAL always succeeds at combining ideas of industries and companies. We are still honoured to hold the title of 'best startup in the city' from last year's event, and look forward to passing on the torch!

REAL PropTech

5th September

Berlin, Germany
The real estate conference focused on digitization and innovation, REAL PropTech, is taking place this year in Berlin with many inspiring keynote speakers. Included in those is our co-founder and CEO, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, answering the panel discussion question "How will the built world look in the future and what are the most important things to keep in mind?". The digital transformation in property has many aspects to discuss, which will be made possible in Berlin. From group sessions to networking and keynote presentations, organizers Blackprintpartners are fuelling PropTech collaboration and impact.

Glass Performance Days

26th - 28th June

Tampere, Finland
Celebrating their 27th year of service to the glass industry, the Glass Performance Days (GDP) event will be two days of technical sessions, workshops and conferences revolved around industry challenges. From city planning to building design and energy efficiency, the event will go cover opportunities and emerging solutions. Our CEO, Ferdinand Grapperhaus will be presenting the SmartSkin solution, sharing why buildings deserve a skin which positively impacts energy and comfort demands. Ferdinand and Joe Kao, from the research department, are looking forward to expanding our curiosity on value-added glass!

Amsterdam Talks Tech: Smart Living

20th June

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Future living, IoT innovations, smart homes and co-living are the topics of this event in Amsterdam, where our CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus will take the stage as one of the keynote speakers. Each speaker will discuss what it will be like living in 2050, specifically about how the exciting new industry of smart living is changing everything we know today. So stop by if you're curious to hear his answer!  


4th - 6th June

Amsterdam, Netherlands
We are excited to attend the real estate meeting point of The Netherlands in PROVADA at the RAI this year. For three days, industry-leading speakers, workshops, pitches and panel discussions will give insight into the Dutch real estate market and its untapped potential. Topics of focus include circular economy and smart cities, which we are thrilled to discuss in more detail with new perspectives.

GES Summit

4th - 5th June

The Hague, The Netherlands
This year's Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be the epicenter of government representatives, private sector entrepreneurs and a powerful partner net. Together they will work to transform obstacles into opportunities for businesses worldwide. Hosted by The Netherlands and The United States, the event focuses on global opportunities for the next wave of entrepreneur-led innovation in the technology age. Our co-founder and CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus will be present to gain insights and continue scaling our impact.

Advanced Materials in Construction Summit

23rd - 24th May

Berlin, Germany
At this year's event in Berlin, our Head of Sales Nico Pulskins will be presenting the PHYSEE vision. He will focus his case study talk on how SmartSkin can make buildings energy neutral and human centered. The rest of the event will focus on traditional construction materials with new properties and how current and future technology can further the sustainable impact of such materials. We're excited to meet industry disrupters and discuss new collaborations!  

Viva Technology

16th - 18th May

Paris, France
For the fourth time, leaders from all over the world are gathering to celebrate innovation! This rendevous in Paris will be a combination of networking, keynote speeches and knowledge sharing. We are excited to hear our CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus give a presentation and share our mission. Organised by Publicis Groupe and Les Echos, we're certain it will be an exciting two days in Paris!

PropTech Innovation Summit

16th May

Berlin, Germany
As a proud winner of last years proptech innovation awards in Germany, we will be coming back in 2019, but with a different role! Our Head of Business, Maarten de Haas, will be on the jury this time. It will be an exciting few days in Berlin, with over 150 proptechs from 48 countries who applied, we are excited to hear the finalist pitches, and to join discussions on innovations shaping tomorrow. Hosted by Union Investment Real Estate, this event will open many doors of collaboration for both start-ups and large corporations. See you there!  

Future Proptech

14th May

London, United Kingdom
For the 5 year anniversary, the Future Proptech event will focus on "open collaboration". A highly relevant theme to our mission as we must combine technology as well as sectors to achieve the national goals we aspire to. Over 2,000 leaders of real estate executives will be amongst the discussions of the future of the built environment. Speakers include Marcus s. MeijerKillian Hurley, Max Schwitalla and more. We are looking forward understanding more of the UK real estate market and to share sustainable ideas.

Boer & Croon: Change Your Game

9th May

BAUT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Our CFO and co-founder Willem Kesteloo will be one of two guest speakers at this event, discussing the disruption of industries and "changing your game"! Next to him, Olympic medalist Johan Kenkhuis will also be sharing his story of building a swimming pool gym concept. May Boer & Croon will be hosting this event at the BAUT in Amsterdam and we are excited to speak with individuals outside the real estate world on disrupting ideas. Get your free ticket and join a night of entrepreneurship and innovation talks!

SVC TechCon

27th April - 2nd May

Long Beach, California
This annual technical conference will revolve around depositing coatings in vacuum environments including sputtering, which is a technique used in the PHYSEE research department. International scientists, engineers and technologists from a diverse scope of industries will be coming together in Long Beach to discuss collaboration, relationship building and catalysing innovation. Our research engineer Sadiq van Overbeek will be giving a presentation on the optimization of electricity generating window coatings with a focus on combinatorial reactive sputtering approach.

MIPIM 2019

12th - 15th March

Cannes, France
Engaging the future. That sounds like a crucial aspect of real estate innovation, which is why we are looking forward to four days of networking, learning and sharing at the 30th edition of MIPIM. Head of Business Maarten de Haas and CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus will be amongst 26,000 participants discussing and educating themselves on how collaboration and innovation will form the basis of tomorrow's solutions. Find us on their website and reach out to meet them in Cannes over .

Delftse Bedrijvendagen

18th February

TU Delft
At PHYSEE we are told that people are our biggest asset. This is why we are going back to where it all began, TU Delft. We will be at the 2019 Delfste Bedrijvendagen, searching for talented, ambitious and inspired individuals to help us change the perspective. Our team is already diverse, dynamic, creative and driven, but we need more perspectives to catalyse our impact. Find us at the PHYSEE booth to understand why our mission matters, to find job availabilities that suit your talents or to have a chat about connected grids, facades and energy systems.

CFP Innovation Day: Gasless in 2030

7th February

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
If we want to achieve the 2030 targets set out by our countries, we must act now. This innovation day hosted by our partner CFP will stimulate discussions about a "gasless" future, and possible journeys towards achieving it. Pitches and discussions will challenge our companies to share insights for these sustainable solutions, and PHYSEE is excited to be a part of it.

Bilderberg Conference

1st February

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands
For the 57th time, leaders and thinkers of tomorrow's innovations will meet in Oosterbeek to discuss technology and innovation as a key for resolving global issues. The conference will revolve around this book, featuring our CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus (page 80-85) on the value of energy-providing buildings as a solution for our current industry emission levels. The conference is organised by VNO-NCW (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers), and has a variety of interesting discussions planned, led by speakers Charles Marcus, Clemens van Blitterswijk and more. Our co-founder and CFO Willem Kesteloo is looking forward to broadening our understanding of a collaborative approach to these topics. Listen to the VNO-NCW podcast for a better understanding of their mission.  

Knights of the Future: Energy Edition

23rd January

The Hague, The Netherlands
Ten tables with 100 of the brightest Dutch minds will discuss how to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030. Amongst the brightest is our CEO and co-founder Ferdinand Grapperhaus, acting as a moderator. This unique event will allow likeminded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to merge efforts of environmental impact. through challenges and a variety of keynote speakers, we are excited to see how this event engages discussion and challenges current approaches of change. Hosted by StartupDelta, New Energy Coalition and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

BAU Trade Fair

15th - 17th January

Munich, Germany
We will be attending the world's largest trade fair for architecture, materials and systems this year in Germany. The focused themes will cover innovation throughout all aspects of future building and exhibit the newest technologies that can be put into use for efficient construction. PHYSEE is looking forward to meeting other glass innovators and learning more about all aspects of construction technology in the interesting keynote presentations. It's time to feed each other inspiration!

DGBC: Green, Smart and Healthy

31st January

The Hague, The Netherlands
New year, new opportunities. The Dutch Green Building Council is having their 10 year anniversary in The Hague and will celebrate by planning a day with discussion, action and sustainability. Speakers include Winy Maas from MVRDV and Robbert Snep, an ecologist from WUR. This day will focus on important tasks in the built environment that are likewise a point of focus at PHYSEE: health, well-being, water retention, heat and air quality. We are looking forward to gathering more information on how we can create healthy and sustainable spaces for the users of tomorrow's buildings.  

Stichting Wiechert: Urban Density

17th January

B. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus will be returning to the Stichting Wiechert awards this year. The 2018 event focused on technology within real estate, where he was awarded the most promising young talent of the year. This year, he is not one of the four young talents pitching, but instead an active member of the discussion regarding the new topic; urban density.

TEDx Amsterdam

29th November

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus has been one of the five finalists to share our mission on the TEDx Amsterdam stage. The jury, including members from Clifford Chance, Tata Consultancy Services, Health Holland and Aan Zee listened to all 35 pitches and worked to define them with workshops and sessions these last few weeks. We are honoured to have been given this experience and to make our vision an 'idea worth spreading'.

TechTour CleanTech

21st - 22nd November

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
This unique and interactive event hosted by the City of Rotterdam enables scale-up CEO’s and investors to participate in discussion panels for future investment opportunities within the CleanTech industry. Topics including our current energy transition and ever changing smart cities will be on the agenda, and PHYSEE is excited to share and also learn about collective contributions towards these topics.

EYES Global Retreat

2nd - 5th November

Roatan, Caribbean Island
Our co-founder and CFO is visiting the Caribbean island Roatan to participate in a global summit for entrepreneurs, focused on positive development, action and "Citypreneurship". He will be exposed to new and exciting methods to further develop as an entrepreneur through an interactive learning approach, designed to drive our visions forward. We are excited to learn more about the future role of cities and governments, and how PHYSEE can continue innovating for collective progress.

BMP Proptech

25th October

Barcelona, Spain
Each year over 265 companies and 100 speakers are welcomed in Barcelona to discuss trends and innovations of the current real estate sector. Through the use of exhibitions, symposiums, start-up pitches and networking, all influencers can educate each other and collaborate on sustainable solutions. PHYSEE will be present in order to share our mission and find new SmartSkin partners, making each new project more energy neutral.


23rd - 26th October

Düsseldorf, Germany
The world’s leading glass trade fair. Here, everything from glass production, processing and applications will be showcased and evaluated for implementation. PHYSEE will have our newest technologies on show at the NSG Group (Pilkington) stand, with our animation showing the added value of our windows for buildings. This fair provides a unique spectrum of offers dealing with the entire glass value-added chain, perfect for the demonstration of our double-added-value windows. We hope to give valuable input and learn more on the future of the industry 4.0, thin glass and the role of facades in modern and clean energy buildings.

Expo Real Munich

10th - 12th October

Munich, Germany
It’s time to talk about the future of real estate and PHYSEE’s expansion into the German market. PHYSEE is excited to pitch, learn and connect at this trade fair with an emphasis on the digital revolution within real estate. As one of the 60 young companies, we look forward to finding interesting future collaborations with companies that can help us achieve our sustainable mission. Germany here we come!


3rd - 5th October

Graz, Austria
Where large companies meet emerging technologies in order to work together towards an energy neutral future. At the International Sustainable Energy Conference (ISEC) in Graz, topics and solutions regarding the current energy transition will be discussed. There will be a special focus on the role of heating and cooling systems in future cities and how sector-coupling and sustainable design can reduce building energy losses and increase clean power usage. PHYSEE will be presenting a poster as an emerging technology, showcasing our research development as well as finding new potential SmartSkin collaborators.


27th - 29th September

Terschelling, The Netherlands
On the island of Terschelling over 1000 people will gather for three days to discuss, debate and inspire the next call to actions in order to improve the well-being of our planet. This year’s 9th edition will have a focus on ‘the search of new balance’, which falls closely in line with our PHYSEE mission of balancing local energy production and consumption. The Dutch government climate agreement (Klimaatakkoord) will be a highlighted topic with the aim to find new solutions for the best practices of sustainable building. As 1 of 4 start-ups who ‘can make a differnce’ we are excited to present and discuss our role in the energy transition of today.