At PHYSEE we believe that innovation comes in many forms. By nurturing this mindset throughout every action, we are able to grow as individuals, as a community and as a technology pioneer in the field of sustainable energy solutions. Living in the era of the fourth industrial revolution our mission is to have a positive impact on that transition. We do so with collaborative development: universities & production partners, professors & engineers, young & old, practical & scientific all go hand in hand in towards technological improvement.


State of the art material research

Our research department focuses on developing luminescent coatings that are transforming windows into the first electricity- and data generating building appliances, by utilizing the entire glass surface to harness the sun’s power and convert it into clean energy. These windows will be working on the principle of a luminescent solar concentrator (LSC), absorbing the sunlight that is normally reflected by a standard window and re-directing the light towards the edges where integrated PV cells convert it into electricity.

In order to produce such luminescent coatings, two deposition techniques are considered and developed, namely magnetron sputtering and phosphor-embedded (luminescent particles) wet-coatings. At PHYSEE we use stable inorganic luminescent materials that are environmentally friendly (non-toxic). All coatings have broad absorption (from UV over visible to near NIR) as well as sharp emission in the near infrared region, allowing for almost no self-absorption.


Connected services improving building performance

Our Development department ensures that the circular usage of energy is upheld, with new means of technological innovation. This connects the functionality of solar cells and data sensors with the grid for direct and clean energy usage. Early-adapting innovation comes with challenges which our Development team is constantly facing.  Finding new ways of producing higher amounts of power with limited PV space as well as optimal flow of energy, with the least amount of energy lost in the process is a focus point of continuous innovation.  


Integration of cutting-edge technology into certified building facades

Innovation is de facto commercialising inventions. In order to take that step, dedicated professionals are required to design and engineer products and services for our market. Our Production department assumes responsibility of scaling up the different developed technologies to make them ready for implementation in project sites. Starting with prototyping hardware, programming beta-devices and co-creating real-size mock-ups, all the way to scaling assembly processes, certifying products and integrating these in production lines. With experience in both PropTech and energy industries, this department can engineer to specific customer demands and governmental requirements.

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