Our engineering study, advising on the most effective “one-stop-shop” facade solution for your project. The PHYSEEbility Check gives you an in-depth report on how multiple variations of SmartSkin and partner products can optimize your energy consumption, reduce costs and increase user well-being.

The PHYSEEbility Check has proven to be very useful in measuring the actual impact of SmartSkin on our building. It provided us with a clear report on how to reach next levels of sustainability and comfort for our future residents.
Willem Wernink, Canopy Investments
Thanks to this engineering study, BPD was able to gain clear insight into how sustainable innovation can serve the residents of the Coberco area in Arnhem.
René Steman, BPD Senior Project Manager, Project : Coberco


We map out your building in a 3D environment and visualize local climate conditions, providing accurate advice on the opportunities of a connected, dynamic facade.

Improved Comfort

Giving your users the healthiest environments goes a long way. Allow the report to outline exactly which comfort factors can be improved, including daylight glare, lux, and color-spectrum dimensions. We will advise on how to optimize and personalize various types of comfort.

Optimized Energy

The biggest energy savings come from efficient and smart use of heating and cooling systems. Let our experts map out how our sensory system in your facade can improve the usage of energy through accurate data and learning algorithms.

Reduced Costs

Identify how to save annual energy consumptions (OPEX) and reduce your peak cooling load (CAPEX) through personalized calculations for your building.

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