At PHYSEE, we believe in people. Without a determined and enthusiastic team of PHYSEEonairs, our mission would just be a dream. Together, we are unleashing the full potential of sustainable innovation without compromise. If you are as inspired as we are on changing tomorrow’s buildings, join us in achieving our vision.


We envision a future of energy neutral buildings where user’s comfort and productivity levels are increased. Therefore, we are balancing out the energy demand by producing and consuming electricity locally, providing tomorrow’s buildings with the SmartSkin they deserve.


We’re on a mission to enable building makers to transform the built environment into a smart, sustainable and healthy eco-system by providing them with 4.0 technologies.

Maike Schwarz on culture

“It’s something you can’t explain on paper. The core of this company is genuinely built on caring about your well-being and personal growth.”

Our Core Values

Passion for excellence

Deliver high quality work

Understand the bigger picture

Think of the best technical solution

Learn from the outside

Change the perspective

Think big and bold

Take initiative

Set and follow courageous goals

Be open-minded

Trust and earn trust

Be open and honest

Deliver on your promises

Be collaborative and supportive

Value differences

Make your mark

Willingness to learn and grow

Love what you do, do what you love

Learn from mistakes

Be open to feedback

Personal growth and training

People are our biggest asset, so we make sure to give any opportunities to grow, personally and professionally. During this rapid growth period, we are looking for individuals who are prepared to adapt to new tools and programs, willing to learn from peers and encourages others to grow together. Everyone is encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, knowing there is a strong support system in place. Our personal development mentality follows the scale-up method of learn by doing, with a positive failure-culture and encouraging feedback system. This creates di­fferent ways of learning, and the possibilities to diversify your vision. Through maintaining individual progress talks twice a year as well as a personal budget for professional training, every PHYSEEonair has the opportunity to deepen their skillsets and explore new areas of expertise.

Q&A with Heidi

Heidi Mao - Full Stack Developer:

What does learning at PHYSEE mean to you?

One thing I really like about PHYSEE is that you genuinely will be supported in the things you want to achieve. After years of being a designer, I wanted to shift my career to full-stack developer. PHYSEE offered trainings to improve my professional skills, such as a node.js online course, but also soft-skill training that continuously helps me collaborate with different professionals and improves my personal effectiveness.

Why was this year vital to your career growth as a Full-Stack Developer?

I learned and grew a lot in each project, from updating the EESY.app and designing the database structure to making a RESTful API and development operation. Weekly feedback and coaching sessions are always planned for each project and it's amazing to compare it with what I knew a year ago versus now.

What growth opportunities are there for you within PHYSEE?

Managing a project was something really outside my comfort zone. I learned to involve different experts, to make a project planning and set milestones, but also to present my project in front of the entire company and even at some external events. These opportunities really result in more confidence to lead projects in the future.


Since we embarked on our mission in 2014, we have been building each department with specialised talent. We believe in collaboration as well as our excellence, which is why each department tackles every stage of the product development, but also company and brand building. We offer career opportunities in a wide range of disciplines, from Research to Development, Projects, Production, Business and Staff­. Although each department stands as one, they are parts of a spiderweb that interact with each other in brainstorms, interdepartmental projects, company initiatives and more. An open space for the opportunity to share ideas regardless of your role and without limitations is how we spark creativity and collectively build our company and culture.

Take a look at how our Development is set up, from shared labs to inhouse production sites and more:


Within each of these departments, we want to welcome talents from any background to help us scale up, from full time positions to internships and graduate projects. The open vacancies are not limited to the ones listed below. Upload your CV to the open position below and convince us why it should be a vacancy! After all, we’re here to #changetheperspective together…


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