A new icon: the Dutch Windwheel

October 08, 2019

We are incredibly excited to be part of the Dutch Windwheel mockup projectIt represents how creative solutions are enabling an effective energy transition for the building sector, without compromise.

The Dutch Windwheel project: “Smart Spaces as a Service” will be a new icon of Dutch efforts in accelerating the energy transition and more. After recent financial support from the IPC, the mockup began to take place and started painting the picture of what will soon be a new Dutch landmark in the heart of Rotterdam. Together with eleven other SMEs, we created this small, smart and sustainable space for commercial and residential purposes, available for visits and further inspiration.

The idea behind this mockup is to showcase the ‘Smart Spaces as a Service’ to the world. It provides a closer look at possible ways of future living by presenting how buildings should co-exist with nature instead of obstructing it. Together with Kindow and Wellsun, we will create an extraordinary facade that thinks and acts in a pro-active manner to generate electricity and increase comfort for all its users.

Go get a closer look at the mock-up of the Dutch Windwheel, which can now be seen in Blijdorp, Rotterdam!